Build your lean muscles with these foods

Eating the right kind of food can help in improving many body functions, overall heath and also help to build muscles. The combination of right exercise and right food sources can help you build the lean muscles you desire. Here are some foods that help build lean muscles.

Eggs: It is a versatile food that is rich in many essential nutrients. Eating eggs can supply you with essential amino acids, minerals, vitamins, healthy fats and protein needed for healthy muscle growth. You can use eggs to make a variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes. It can help you increase your stamina also.

Lean protein: You can’t underestimate the power of protein in helping build lean muscles. Yes, eat your eggs but also derive your protein intake from chicken and turkey breasts. Grilled chicken breast with minimum use of salt but made with healthy fats and herbs is a great dinner choice. Grilled or steamed salmon is also a healthy meal choice.
Healthy vegetarian sources of proteins for building lean muscles are beans and lentils. Red kidney beans can be used in salads or you can steam them and eat as a side dish that you can flavor with herbs. Fortify your lentils with chicken and vegetables. Adding a few greens and some chicken breast cubes while coking the lentils not only add to the taste but also enhance the dish’s muscle-building capacity.

Vegetables: To build lean muscles and burn more fat eat vegetables like sweet potato, spinach and beet.

Low-fat dairy: Low-fat yogurt and cottage cheese can be used to make many healthy breakfast and snack recipes that can help you build muscles. Make healthy smoothies for breakfast using fruits such as banana and berries. Make your whole grain sandwiches with cottage cheese and vegetables.

Whole grains: Eliminate processed grains from your diet to build lean muscles and instead eat more of whole grains like brown rice and whole wheat. Rye, sorghum and pearl millets are also extremely healthy grain choices.

With the right exercise and food choices, you can see results in the form of lean muscles. You can further enhance your body’s capacity to build lean muscles with safe supplement use. GH Burn boost release of growth hormones in the body. This helps with better fat metabolism and increased energy. It also slows muscle degeneration and helps to repair damaged tissue. Also, don’t forget to get adequate sleep and rest well.