Basics of Web Hosting

Web hosting services have become the norm for most businesses, no matter the size. To have a good online presence is now almost a prerequisite for most companies. There are a number of good Canadian WordPress hosting services for your company. Since it is a trend that is quite recent, many businesses are still catching up and trying to get up to speed. What exactly is web hosting all about? Read on to understand the basics of this trend.

What does web hosting mean?

A website is a place that has numerous web pages where people can read about your company. However, it is not available to the public unless it is on the internet. A web hosting service helps you buy server space on the internet to host your website and connect with people from all over the world. The computer server not only makes your website available on the internet, it also saves all the content on the various pages of your website so that it is available to internet browsers at all times.

What do web hosting services include?

A good web hosting service will provide the following basic amenities for your business:

Server space for storing your web content and hosting your website on the internet
Website domain name registration – buying the name of your website for your exclusive use
Email services with email addresses unique to your business and connected to your website
Multiple web hosting server options to choose from based on your requirements
SSL certificates for increased security for internet browsers who visit your website
Customization and personalization of hosting services

Other than this, some shared web hosting services may also provide you tools to build or improve on your website over time. These tools are simple enough to be used without any experience in web design and development.

Are there web hosting services specific to different operating systems?

Yes, there are specific hosting services. You can choose the operating system that the web server uses to store your website and content. The two most popular kinds of web hosting services are:

Linux web hosting – It is considered to be more secure and safe. It offers the option of editing your website by directly opening it on the web server. It is a better option for a dynamic website that requires constant changes.
Windows web hosting – It can use both Access and MySQL databases for storing web content. It has newer and better applications for web design and development.

It is important to understand what web hosting is all about and hire a good Halifax web hosting service for your business. It will ensure you have a strong online presence and help you grow your business.